Public Data Resources

Individuals and outside agencies can request GIS data directly from PAgis, but there may be a resource recovery fee for some data and/or products.  PAgis does not charge a fee when data is requetsed for a member agency project, non-profit, academic or community service related project.

Use the PAgis Data Dictionary to see a list of available layers you can request from PAgis.  The dictionary will give you information about what type of features each layer contains as well as attribute column descriptions and potential values.  Once you know what layers you need, fill out the PAgis Data Request Form.

PAgis shares some layers with the State of Arkansas.  These layers can be downloaded directly from the State’s on-line GIS data clearinghouse, GeoStor for no fee.  Below are direct links to PAgis layers stored on the GeoStor platform:

For layers not found in the PAgis data dictionary or on GeoStor, you may wish to contact a PAgis Member Agency.  Member agencies provide access to data for which they are the custodian such as wards, zoning, and other agency specific layers.

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